Beginner’s Psychic Development Workshop: 

“the course was great just as it is!”

” I just so enjoyed the day and I feel I achieved more than I expected.”

“What a fantastic day!”

“I didn’t want to go home because I’d had a brilliant day and enjoyed this work so much.”

” The best part of the course for me was meeting my spirit guide because it was enlightening and emotional.”

“The whole day was brill, thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt loads, lovely atmosphere, felt really at home.  You had thought of everything for our comfort and wellbeing as well as excellent tuition.”


 On-line circle:

It is just amazing how you can learn from a long distance.  I have learned so much from both Krys and Jass.  You make the classes fun and interesting.  A wonderful hug to you both and a big thank-you for your patience with me! (Mrs D.F. Ohio, US)


Improving your 1:1 Readings:

“I was impressed with all the work that was put into understanding the legislation.”

“I really enjoyed today and feel for the first time that I’ve found something I’m good at.”

“…helped me to improve my abilities and gain confidence…your input is amazing and really appreciated.”



” This type of treatment for my IBS improved my life in a way I didn’t think was possible.  I feel like a new and improved person. Thanks.”

“I have been trying to control my weight for over 30 years.  Since entering the perimenopause it’s been impossible, no matter how well I are, my weight went up and stayed up. Then I found you.
From the second session I have felt better, my weight first stabilised then started to fall. Best of all I haven’t had to diet because I now crave all the right foods.
This is the first time I’ve lost weight without dieting and without pressure!”

“I suffered with Fibromyalgia for 13 years, after a combination of Kinesiology and Massage I have my life back. Thank you so much. Jenny”

“My excema very much improved after just 2 treatments. Great stuff. Pat”



“I just wanted to say that Jass & Krys are amazing therapists and that they have really helped me. I am extremely grateful to them as I feel so much better”. Sheila Cooper, Cornwall

Brilliant! Couldn’t ask for better therapists…they always make you feel special as an individual. Have had kinesiology with Jass & hypnotherapy/past life regression with Krys & was very happy with the results. We & other members of our family have also had readings with both Krys & Jass which have proved to be accurate & enlightening. We enjoy listening to ‘spooky school’ on Friday nights. Thank you so much 🙂  Tom and Jo W, Cornwall.


Demonstrations of Mediumship:

I am very impressed by both Jass & Krys having worked with them privately and also witnessing them work in a public evening of mediumship. They are gifted women and are genuine, warm and giving as individuals. Friday night ‘spooky school’ is essential listening now in our household! Thanks both for everything you do. Steph Jones-Giles, Cornwall.


Psychic and Mediumistic Readings:

“I was left so touched from our encounter that I wanted to send you a thank you and tell everyone I know about you! I do believe in fate and I am a spiritual person but have never had proof that what I believe is the absolute.  I had been thinking about visiting a medium for a while and indeed a few days before our meeting I was searching the net for someone local but couldn’t find anyone and then that Friday morning I was on my way to the hairdressers when I saw your sign for a medium…I took that as a sign and booked myself in…I held no expectations as I have seen a few mediums and in my experience its normally more luck than judgement but as soon as I sat down with you, you tuned straight in with a few key things like headaches and anxiety that I had been suffering from… from that moment onwards I was almost terrified because I knew you were the real deal and I didn’t know what to expect from there on in.  I am delighted to say that you were 100% accurate and I now feel totally enlightened.  I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to hear from my darling grandad after all those years and how comforting it is to know that he is well and here with me all the time.  Your description of him and the stories he told you were so accurate and so comforting to me…you gave me all the answers I have been looking for and have guided me in the right direction to hopefully change the areas of my life that need work.  I have always felt like I have a gap in me, a missing piece that I can’t quite put my finger on, but since our meeting I feel different, more at ease.  After all these years of wondering I cannot believe I know that I have absolute proof that there really is life after death, a higher purpose…the possibilities are just endless, where does it all begin, where does it end?  I need to keep pinching myself that it was really real and not just a dream… You are the most gifted person I have ever come across and I thank you for sharing your gift with me, I can never tell you how much this has meant to me…” Mrs TH (Exeter)

“Had a very lovely and amazing reading, very inspiring and helpful. Thank you so much. Viv”

“Fantastic, 100% accurate reading Krys, Mark”

“Thank you so much for your fantastic inspiring advice, Very Accurate! Hugs, Evie xx”

“Was a wonderful experience, made my heart glad to have heard from my beloved family. Thank you. Desnie”

“Thank you very much.Very emotional and intense, definite connection made with my dad. Many thanks, Wendy”

“Thank you very much. You helped me a lot, very emotional and connected, you were fantastic. Ana”

“Wonderful, uplifting, truthful reading. Great humour and insight. Thank you Louise”

“Unbelievable from the minute I stepped in…all accurate. Thank you. Nikki”

“Astonished that someone whom I do not know can relate to my mind and thoughts and past. Thank you. Sue”

“Amazing reading, described how I am in my life right now. Very spot on, Thank you. Jo”

“Unbelievable, I feel so comforted and feel more at peace. Wish Krys I could see you more. Wishing you peace. Tania x”

“I feel that there is a better life ahead for me. My future is brighter. Very good experience. Thank you. Lyn”

“Have met both ladies twice now and on each occassion both Krys and Jass have offered accurate personal information, advice and guideance. Never have I met two ladies who have given me insight into myself and life. Each reading was fantastic. I will definitely have readings again by them both. Thank you both. Mandy”

“Thank you for letting me know my little boy is OK, absolutely amazing. With love Amanda”

“This was very good, I got very good guidance, got what I needed. Thank you very much. Mary-Ann”

“Thank you Krys so very much for the reading, my head is still swimming with all the information that you gave me. There is no possible way that you could have know this information about me other than being a TRUE psychic.
I am now filled with hope and excitement, where as before I was just living the day to day life. I can’t wait for the day that I will be able to help people as you do so well, YOU are a truly gifted and wonderful soul and I am so happy to be able call you my friend.” GMS, Texas

Krys was amazing she came out with absolute proof that my father was with us during the my reading. My brother rang me from Australia, where we we brought up, before I left for the reading & in his words.”If she says your song that dad always sang to you  & our sisters name (who passed very young,she had a very unusual name) I will be utterly shocked”. Be shocked my dear brother because Krys gave me both and much more.I always knew that if my father came through he would sing our song to me(I kept the song and its name secret) and I would know without question that he was there. Krys is a truly gifted medium and I can’t thank her enough. With much love and gratitude Glenda & eldest bother Lance xxx

Written Three Card Reading by Facebook:

“I took up the option of a three card spread for only ten pounds!!! I couldn’t recommend it higher. Received the message within hours and it was very accurate and helpful 😀
Thank You Believe xxxx”. Ms LS, Australia


‘Simply Reincarnation’:

” Wonderful Book! Love it! Well written! It has changed my life and thinking. It does not force you to believe in reincarnation, but has wonderful stories of reincarnation and some of the stories are of the authors themselves. They leave it up to you to decide what to believe. It tells you what kinesiology is and how hypnotic regression works. It has much more. It is worth the read! Lois D ”


Numerology Report

We had our numerology delivered to us yesterday.  I had my husband’s and mine done with a compatibility one also done.  So there were three.  We were so amazed.  Everything was spot on.  It is on such beautiful paper. My husband who does not express feelings very well was already looking to get a frame for them to hang them in our home.  I could not believe how beautiful, made me cry. My husband and I both sat and read them over and over.   I probably would have never had this done, but when you did a short one on your radio show for both of us, my husband said order one. After receiving ours, I would recommend this to everyone!  So glad we did! Jassmyne you are totally amazing. Thank you so very much!  Steve and Diane (U. S. A.)

Numerology Looking for an unusual present for someone else or fancy a treat for yourself? Then you would do well to get a Numerology Reading from Believe. I am amazed at how accurate mine is. A really useful self development tool. My partner has had hers done too and is also chuffed to bits. Thanks Jass and Krys. Steph Jones-Giles, Cornwall

Past Life Regression:

“Krys, I want to thank you for your patience with me.  I was nervous and you knew it of course.  I want to do this again sometime and this time I will know what to expect so hoping will be easier for you.  You were so understanding.  I was totally amazed at what I learned.  I feel so much better knowing what I know now. You have changed my life for the better!  I do not know what I would do without you!  I have learned so much!”  Diane F. (U. S. A.)

“Thank you so much for the Past Life Regression. I have a much greater understanding of my life and of my thought process. In my past I would have never believed in readings or in PLR, I’m the “seeing is Believing” type of guy.. I have had both readings and a PLR from Krys and Jass and Y’all have made a TRUE believer out of me. Y’all are truly amazing at what you do. I highly recommend anyone that has not tried one of your services to do so..We will do not know what your missing and how much better you will feel!!” Moose, Texas


Aura Images:

A big thankyou to Jass who fitted me in for an aura photo yesterday. I found it very interesting and confirmed things i have known about myself and beliefs,well worth trying. Jean Purchase, Somerset.


Know Yourself & Empower Yourself Weekend:

Thank you so much for last weekend. I think it was the most constructive course I have been on about personal development and my fear of loss has not returned xx  Ms R. Harris, Devon


Please add your own testimonial, in the LEAVE A REPLY box at the bottom of this page – thanks x :


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34 Responses to “Testimonials”

  • Amazing reading with krys. She truly is an angel with a great sense of humour. It was the end of the day and I think they were closing but she still saw me. The. Informations She relayed to me blew my mind, I loved the advise and guidance she gave and it was done with genuine compassion and care. I went on Friday the last day of holiday and it was a lovely thing to end my holiday with. I wish you lived in wokinghaam. Do you do phone readings ? Xxxx

    • krysjass:

      Hi – thank you for the lovely feedback, we do both Skype and telephone readings as well as face to face. We do a lot of our work in that way as we regularly read for people in America and Australia as well as other parts of the world. A most bizarre reading was doing a Skype reading for someone in Goa as a huge open train went past – absolutely overcrowded – and the noise was horrendous. Not my end of the line though, the line in Goa! So yes please, if you would like another reading or someone close to you does, please just contact me and I’ll sort that out as soon as possible.

      Email is betterhealth.choice@aol.co.uk or you can text on 07757 864208.

      Thanks Krys x

  • Annie:

    Jass’s Tarot workshop is fantastic! Not only is this two day course packed full of info and practise, it’s enriched by the history of the art and clearly and cleverly explained. I now have a good understanding of the traditional spreads but more importantly the confidence to make and use my own; and reading intuitively has become second nature, I haven’t looked back! Thoroughly enjoyable, thanks Jass!

    • krysjass:

      Thanks so much for your feedback Annie, it’s lovely that other people can see for themselves how our workshops and circles are received!

  • Sue Walters:

    Thanks so much to both of you, you both are truly gifted and wonderful, your workshops are brilliant,
    so loved the work shop on Dowsing such a brilliant day and learnt so much thank you also I have had
    some wonderful treatments from Jass and would recommend them to everyone such beautiful energy
    and have seem them work as mediums and wow spot on and all done in such a lovely warm hearted
    way. Thanks Kryss and Jass

    • krysjass:

      Thank you so much Sue for taking the time to give us a testimonial! And we love having you working with us at Believe! x

  • Brenda Levett:

    A few weeks ago on Spooky School, Krys and Jass were answering questions that were important to us, using Tarot cards and their phychic abilities …. I asked a question about a job offer I had been made and wasn’t sure about taking…. I listened very carefully to what they both had to say and I acted on it. It turned out to be the right decision for me and things have now worked out just as they said and I couldn’t be happier…… Thank you both so very much….

    • krysjass:

      Thanks so much Brenda for the feedback. It’s really helpful for other people to know the accuracy of our readings. We’re glad to be able to help you! And glad you enjoyed Spooky School – the sound quality was so much better this evening eh?

      And you are welcome!

  • Diane Fleak:

    Wow, been about an hour since via skype I had a Kinesiology with Krys and Jass. I feel wonderful…This is just amazing! No pain in my shoulder and they fixed so much more! Thank-you! Thank-you! I have done this 3 times and every time I get more results! If you have not had this done, do it, what are you waiting for!

  • Bridget Hawkins:

    I recently had a Past Life Reading with Krys, and can honestly say that it’s been one of the most memorable readings I have ever had! The information that came up related almost identically to some issues I have in this lifetime and this has given me such an amazing insight into them, and helped me accept things. As well as being incredibly interesting with certain ages and dates resonating with events that have occurred in this life time, I found the fact that I could relate to the details in the past lives so well has been particularly therapeutic for me. I would highly recommend this and would like to say a really big Thank you to Krys x

    • krysjass:

      Thanks Bridget, Happy to read for you, I especially love past life work – whether readings or regression! Glad to be of help. Krys x

  • Sohmee:

    During the Spooky School radio show Krys and Jas gave me a rice divination. As usual, they were pretty much right on the money. They correctly read a re-entry into getting more physical, planned journeys and my own recent realization I am perhaps a bit more ready to move on after the loss of my dear soul mate.

    Often it helps to hear someone else express what we already know and Krys and Jas very clearly underlined what I have already been telling myself.

    Thank you!

  • Nicola Boardman:

    Past life Regression is something I have wanted to experience for many years and I feel so blessed that life has finally presented me with the opportunity to go through the amazing process of PLR.Krys and Jass are two highly skilled and experienced therapists.Krys took me through the PLR therapy and she was absolutely brilliant and made me feel relaxed and completely safe throughout the entire process.Several lives came up for me and I know that two of them were very significant to certain issues I need to work through in my present lifetime.All I can say is, if you need clarity as to what your current path is and you feel ‘stuck’in life, do not hesitate to go and see these wonderful ladies…Highly Recommend! Once again…Many Heartfelt Thanks to you both… Krys and Jass X

    • krysjass:

      Thank you Nicola for taking the time to write a testimonial for us. It really helps other people to see what we’re doing! Krys & Jass x

  • Lorraine aka Sohmee:

    Krys & Jass graciously provided me with a short past life reading during their Spooky School broadcast on April 18th. They explained a small birthmark on my side in one life, a joyous life with my soul mate in another, and a rather unique life as a Bowman in another. Made some things click into place, like why I have no interest in my daughter’s archery equipment (slight trembling and a feeling of I have no need to do this – meaning shoot the bow and arrow). 2 of the lives I was very alone and, as I am now alone once again perhaps this is something I am supposed to learn from.
    Lovely, work and very interesting!

    Thank you so very much!

    • krysjass:

      Thank you Lorraine aka Sohmee. It’s wonderful for other people who may be interested to know that the reading was done on a radio broadcast, we’d not connected face to face, we couldn’t hear you, we couldn’t see your face, we could only have your response 40 seconds after we’ve said anything (the built in delay on broadcasting). But I’d really love everyone to know – you don’t have to be in the same place as the reader to be an accurate reader. We’re here in Cornwall, England and you’re in America. Thank you so much Krys & Jass

  • Sohmee:

    During their Friday evening show (Spooky School) Krys gave me a mediumship reading. My husband’s Uncle brought him through and they were so spot on with so very much of it. The throat and lung issues (he died of pulmonary fibrosis and had a tracheotomy tube in his throat at the time of his passing so he could not speak with us those last few days), his sense of humor, his gentle nature and his immeasurable love for me and the kids. Krys also received information that we had 2 children, live in Texas and that we are soul mates. April was his birthday and Not 100% sure about October (No, Krys, not expecting any grandkids then) but I was toying with the idea of taking a trip to see someone then. The interesting thing is, I have talked with him a lot about my guilt in becoming interested in someone else (10 years is a long time) and I was asking him for some kind of sign. Krys passed that sign on when she told me he wanted me to move on, was letting go of my hands even though he is still there for me. It was exactly what I needed to hear to let go of guilt.

    Thank you so much for the message.


    • krysjass:

      Thank you Sohmee for taking the time to give us this testimonial – we really appreciate it. We love bringing Spooky School to you every Friday at 8.30pm GMT to 10pm on http://www.the-weird.org

      And we love our communities in our chat rooms. xx

  • Diane Fleak:

    Jass gave me a reading which she told me not to worry about getting a house. She told me would have a chimney and house would be facing North and the rear south. Told me would be in a line with 3 houses. Said would be a turn to the left then right. Would have trees or some barrier behind the property. Told me would see chickens…lol…I see chickens on the way to this house whenever we come home! Said would be a woods or lots of trees. Said would be in a quiet neighborhood with very little traffic so can hear the birds…All of this happened. Thanks, Diane Fleak

    • krysjass:

      How lovely of you to let us know how ‘spot on’ and specific Jass is with her readings. Thank you for letting others see the work we do is accurate. Really appreciate it – Krys & Jass

  • Diane Fleak:

    Krys and Jass have given me readings on how to handle my husbands retirement. Knew we were going to travel soon. Knew about the dancing at the park we stay in Florida which is line dancing…and events that have ballroom dancing. Told me we need to communicate more which is sooo true. And we need more flow to our life and not schedules. Every reading I have had by these two fantastic psychics have been spot on.

  • Harvey Ross:

    I have had a psychic tarot reading with Jass in person and a mediumship reading with Krys by Skype, where she put me in touch with my dad in spirit. Both of these experiences were truly exceptional and the readings were spot on and have helped me enormously in my everyday life. Both Krys and Jass make you feel fully at ease and provide a really enjoyable experience, with some good humour to add. I really do recommend any of their services to anyone, and their Spooky School radio show on Friday evenings is great and a real hoot! Thank you both.

  • Winniepop:

    I have met several mediums and had spiritual teachers in my life for over 20 years. Krys Godly is a smart, compassionate and witty gifted medium who gives spot-on readings which are accurate in terms of facts, feelings and situations, everything is relevant, no guess work. These are just free readings I’ve had on Spooky School radio show, so I can’t wait to meet her and get the full Krys service next summer. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • krysjass:

      Thank you so much Winniepop for taking the time to write a testimonial for our weekly radio show Spooky School which airs live at 8.30pm UK time. every Friday evening. But also for your feedback on my readings.I’m glad you find them spot-on, it’s always good to be appreciated and many thanks once again for being one of our regular listeners on Spooky School. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • kathy dalton:


  • Julie:

    I just want to say thank you to Jass for the wonderful physic and tarot card reading I just had by telephone. She put me at ease quickly and the reading was so accurate and in 45 minutes I could see the pattern I had been repeating in all my relationships and I now know what I need to work on myself for this to work. With work I feel so inspired from the conversation about new avenues to look at to fulfil my needs. Thank you so much, Julie

    • Thank you Julie. It is good to know that a phone reading can be every bit as good as a face to face reading. So glad you now understand the patterns you had been repeating and can see a better way forward and are wanting to get on and make the changes to have that better future. Best wishes Jass

  • Sam preston:

    I have know these 2 lovely ladies for 9 years now, I have done courses with them and had several therapies as well. The latest meeting was for my daughter who has several learning delays as well as sensory processing problems, when we went to see Jass she was so calm and worked so well with you daughter who normally struggles with new people, and jass was able to work her magic and pin point several areas that my daughter struggles with. I know she she feeling better for seeing Jass and it is lovely to see.

    • Thanks Sam. I am so pleased your daughter is feeling the benefit from her Kinesiology session. It is a very powerful way of working with people of any age. It was really lovely to meet your family.

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