Distance Healing

Krys and Jass regularly send distance healing to many people. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to show that distance healing works however results cannot be guaranteed.

If you’d like to be added to our healing list, or you wish to add someone else to our healing list, with their consent, please complete the form below, putting the name of the person for whom distance healing is required in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box.




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8 Responses to “Distance Healing”

  • Paula & Fred Heard:

    Hi Krys & Jass

    We met first week in September, I stayed with Eileen.

    Please could you send some healing to my husband Fred and myself. He is out of hospital and his leg better but his dementia is getting worse. I care for him with love but it is hard sometimes and I have health problems myself.



    • admin:

      Yes of course Paula

      So sorry for my delay in replying – have been having a slight problem getting into the system.

      But healing is on it’s way

      Krys & Jass

  • linda lewis:

    Hi I am writing to you as I am keen to meet up with you and receive some healing I have been deliberating for some time and I am now feeling this is the right time. A friend of mine recommended you.
    Many thanks Linda


    please could you help my dad he is 78 years old and had been quite active and socialable until 2 years ago he was diagnosed with vascular dementia he has trouble communicating and has pains in his lower back and legs please could you do distant healing for him his name is frederick morgan thanks susan

  • Umesh Satija:

    Hi – Can you please help my mother as she has been having after effects of metastatic cancer cells/radiation into the brain. She has stopped talking , doesn’t walk anymore. Can’t even focus, have stopped taking body-weight. Keeps clinching her teeth when we try to make her eat/drink anything. Please help. Her name is Sudesh Satija.

    • krysjass:

      Hello Umesh

      We are happy to send healing to your mother and just so you know, the distance healing we send will work alongside any medical help she’s receiving, distance healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine. We hope your mother continues to take the advice of her doctor.


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