Actively listening

What do I mean by this?

Well in this fast paced world we live in – where we’re bombarded with noise and sound all around us, from traffic to radio and television even the supermarkets have a noise all of their own! We’re surrounded by the hum of life in all it’s forms.

And then think of that still small voice within your own head.  How often do you stop and listen? How often do you give yourself time?

A word of caution though, if  that voice within your own mind is telling you to do things which are illegal, immoral or dangerous – then please seek urgent medical advice.

But if your still small voice is simply a ‘what if?’, ‘what about?’, or simply a word or a phrase in your head – then listen!

Have you noticed when your thoughts appear to be a little different, almost as though we’re having a dialogue in our own mind? Have you ever considered what or who that voice may be? It may be your closest guide, the one who is within you all the time, or it may be your own higher self (or higher knowing), it depends on your own belief system. Allow that voice to be heard. Give yourself permission to listen to yourself – not all the time of course, because we do live in a real physical, material world. But we also have our own unique spirituality and it  may just be that if you take a little time for yourself then you could change your life!

The easiest way to hear that voice is to simply sit where it’s quiet, relax and just allow yourself to almost go within your own body. Perhaps listen to your own breathing and very gently take your attention inside your own mind. And listen. And to show you are listening, why not keep a journal of the thoughts you’re having and date them, so you can see your own progress for yourself.

I have been listening to my inner voice since yesterday, when I suddenly realised I was being told to be careful about my teeth. And then last night, what happened? Yes. one of my crowns came out whilst I was eating something hard! So my lesson today is to go to the dentist!

Have a beautiful day all of you. And if you’d like to download one of our meditations to help you to get into the right space, you can do so here.

Blessings Krys x


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